Ground Engineering

We recognise top class Health and Safety systems are vital in today’s competitive market to deliver business efficiencies for our clients and ourselves. In addition to ensuring the safety and welfare of our employees, effective health and safety management differentiates us from many of our competitors and protects our stakeholders’ reputations.

For our systems to be effective, we actively encourage the participation of our clients and staff in their development. Many of our work activities are ‘on-site’, so the need for our staff to make the right decisions based on a clear understanding of the risks is critical in matters relevant to the wellbeing of themselves and others.

We operate a safety management system based on HSG65, the benchmark guidance from the Health and Safety Executive. Regular monitoring and annual auditing ensures we are never complacent – reflecting our belief there is always room for improvement.

In 2007 the Construction Design and Management Regulations were updated to reflect the increasing need for earlier involvement for those whose work has an impact on project safety. For large construction projects this must include ground investigation, as geotechnical reports form the initial basis of project design. As such all of our ground work activities fall under the scope of the Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM).

CDM places a number of obligations on us to ensure we are competent, which we are fully committed to discharging. As a contractor we ensure all sites are assessed for safety and appropriate measures taken to ensure the impact of our work on site personnel and members of the public is minimised. Our site staff all possess ConstructionSkills CSCS cards and the overview of the site safe systems of work is undertaken by staff in possession of ConstructionSkills SMSTS training.

In addition to our role as a contractor, we have significant experience working as a Principal Contractor under the new CDM2007 regulations. Supported by an independent Health and Safety Advisor, we strive to implement a proportionate response toward health and safety management. It is important to us to ensure everyone involved discharges their duties and really manages risk, without health and safety becoming a bureaucratic burden.